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Clinical Research at the CRC

The Clinical Research Center for Hair and Skin Science conducts clinical trials phase I-IV with a main emphasis on hairloss in females and males, skin maturation, as well as different skin diseases in paediatric and adults. Clinical research is accompied by several methedological projects and research cooperations. The conduct of systematic reviews and the development of guidelines are also within the range of activities.

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Research Focus at the CRC

Established and innovative imaging procedures as well as measurement technologies are used within clinical research in order to measure skin structure and skin function and to achieve standardised clinical assessments. 

Research focus of the CRC is, next to hereditary hairloss in females and males, skin ageing as well as different skin diseases in children and adults. Dependent on the research question clinical trials are conducted in voluntary trial participants or patients with respective skin diseases. Effects and effectiveness of cosmetics, medical devices and drugs are investigated in exploratory or confirmatory clinical trials.